Tonight is the first night that we will sleep under the latest quilt that I made. There’s an old quilt saying:

…and it’s true. There is s much time and love in every handmade quilt, so if you ever receive one as a gift you can be assured that someone thinks very highly of you. There’s literally blood, sweat, and tears in every quilt I make.

Those are needle sticks right below my thumbnail from sewing on the binding yesterday and today. Ouch! Even though I poked myself a few times, sewing on the binding is one of my favorite parts. Most quilters dislike it because it’s not very exciting. However, I take pride in small, neat stitches and mitered corners. I also like it because it is fairly mindless and it puts such a nice finishing touch on the quilt. Sewing on the binding means that I am almost finished with all of the hard work and finally get to enjoy the result. Since we are avoiding screens this month, I either sat in silence or listened to the audio of Anna Karenina while I sewed, while curled up in the quilt and with the cat on my lap. It was such a homey, cozy way to pass these past few evenings.

The quilt has been washed and dried and is now ready for its debut. I still have to make new shams and throw pillows, so it will be a few more days until I post a picture of it in full use in its new home. I’m happy to snuggle up under my new quilt of cheery colors backed with warm flannel for tonight though.